The Red Project

Some plans belong to this project.

The Red Resolution

The Red Resolution(TRR) is my own Pleroma instance. I'm the principal of TRR. TRR is a single-user instance, so anyone other than me may not join. Follow my account if you make the instance relationship.

Indarin Paria

The special project named “INDARIN PARIA”(former to “raipara-rei ryky”; r3) is in progress. Indarin Paria is a constructed language I make. Its comprehensive book will be open to the public in the future. Now this conlang is closed-beta.

The Fedyya Project

fedyya LUNARIS

fedyya LUNARIS is a set of my Hymmnos(conlang of Ar Tonelico) creations. You may use all of them by CC-BY 4.0 license.

Serious projects

Lianiis Min's site

I built a site for Lianiis Min(conlang) what what was made by my friend. For making this site, I gave my friend technical advice, for instance, collecting words and compiled them in the searchable dictionary.

Other works

Emoji Builder

The Emoji Builder is complicated to explain. This site is for making a sentence with Emoji expression. This is published on GitHub.

The Iyo Shrine

The Iyo Shrine(JA: 伊予神社) is a virtual shrine that you can pick some Omikujis(like a fortune cookie). I license this as AGPL-3.0 so you can get source codes on GitHub. New result candidates are welcome. If you desire, please make a PR at GitHub.